SBCOG Ladies ministry offers multifaceted opportunities with the purpose to equip women to mature in their relationship in Christ, to fellowship with one another, and to serve others through Christ.

‘Multifacted’ opportunities means that there are a lot of different types of activies for you to choose from. Just like a jewel is enhanced by its cuts, angles, and polishing, we pray that God will use our ministry opportunities to enhance your true beauty, skills and gifts.


To ‘equip’ suggests that we may at times need the right tools and work places to sharpen, practice, teach, and use our gifts. Our Life Groups, service opportunities, and special events will do exactly that as you participate, encourage, and step out to do something you’ve maybe never done before!


"Maturity" is not a matter of time-passing age but a mind fed and nurtured on God tested wisdom. We know that we have women of all ages walking in this wisdom and want to invite you to join us on this eternal journey.


"Relationship", "Fellowship", and "Service". We recognize that women have many different types of relationships. These reltionshipes are brought to their highest and best by a strong and healthy relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ; in support through fellowship with one another; and service that flows out of our love for God and caring for each other.



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